Faraja Orphanage Soccer Donation

January 2015 Update: The planned charity soccer drop was a huge success. Pamoja Safaris, along with Ryan Doyle of Video Vision 360 and Calvin Gee of Metro Detroit’s 95.5FM donated over 1000 items of soccer gear (jerseys, shorts, balls, and shoes) donated by Rush Soccer, Soccer.com, and Chevrolet’s One World Futbol initiative to the children and directors of Faraja Orphanage.

It was a crazy five hours of children, soccer matches, facility tours, and getting to know the volunteers at Faraja. We had a blast.

Special thanks to our friend Godwin Ndosi of Touch Tanzania Tours for assisting us in not only setting up the day but also for his help with translation and general child mob-management.

You can see the completed video here.

Pamoja Safaris is very excited to announce that we will be participating in a charity soccer (football) giveaway at Faraja Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania next month.

“Faraja Orphanage Childrens Home is a non-profit organization outside in Tanzania that was established by Mr. Faraja Maliaki in 2008. Faraja Orphanage started with only 5 kids, but has grown to over 200 kids ages 3-15. Faraja runs strictly on donations and volunteer work…”

Partnering with One World Futbol (Chevrolet Automotive’s global non-profit initiative), Soccer.com, Rush Soccer, Video Vision 360, and the Government of Tanzania, we aim to donate over 800 items of soccer gear–jerseys, balls, footwear–to more than 300 children at the orphanage in a single day.

Faraja Orphanage is one of the first Tanzanian orphanage/schools that founder Scott Brills ever visited. Since then he has been back multiple times, including in 2012 when he and friends donated over 300 items of clothing to the children in a single day, along with supporting partner World Clothes Line.

The Pamoja Safaris staff is looking forward to collaborating with all of the generous organizations that are making this possible. Of course, we’ll bring you pictures and video once everything is wrapped up.

Additional support and promotion is provided by Detroit-area radio station 95.5FM’s Mojo In The Morning Radio Show.



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