Save the Serengeti

Ever since the Serengeti Highway was proposed in 2010 there has been a lot of talk about the effects it would have on the wildlife within Serengeti National Park.

Currently there is no way to easily and quickly get through the park without being a foreign visitor doing so as part of a safari tour. In order for the locals to get from east Serengeti (where Arusha is) to the west it is necessary to navigate southwards–around the park–which takes a considerable amount of time. Proponents say that this roadway will not significantly affect the famous annual wildebeest migration, but wildlife experts say otherwise:

A truck highway will not be compatible with the seasonal movements of around a million wildebeest and numerous other ungulates back and forth across this route, and will ultimately lead to the blocking of this northward migration into the dry season range in northern Serengeti and Masai Mara. This will have substantial consequences for the numbers of wildebeest and other species that can be supported within Serengeti National Park, and reduce its supreme international status as a wildlife heritage. –Professor Norman Owen-Smith

There are also talks on a Chinese-constructed railway through Tanzania and Uganda, in order to facilitate trade between the two countries as well as to provide better access to goods delivered via sea to Uganda (as they are a land-locked country). This was first proposed after the truck highway plan was vetoed, and is currently in the planning stages. Luckily, it appears that they have shifted the proposed route to the south of the Serengeti, thus mitigating much of the risk to the wildebeest migratory pattern.

Both of these proposals were cancelled or altered due to both national and international pressure. However, the fight is not over. As long as there is a profit to be made companies and governments will be looking for the next way to push their agendas. Just this month the government of Tanzania appealed the earlier ruling by the African Supreme Court that ordered that the country not build across the Serengeti.

Tanzania knows that a significant amount of its GDP comes from tourism (much of that safari-based), and that may be our major saving grace (thus far). However, it is important to stay educated on the latest developments regarding this issue.  To facilitate this, a Facebook page was created called Stop The Serengeti Highway—find all of the latest news pertaining to adverse developments in and around the Serengeti there. You may also find more information on the Save The Serengeti website.

Part of the reason we decided to start Pamoja Safaris was so that we could spread word of this amazing country we are based in. We truly believe that the more people that come over to Tanzania and experience everything it has to offer for themselves, the more people there will be in the world that care about preserving such a magical place. You always hope that governments have their country and people’s best interests at heart, but too often that is not the case (worldwide), and it takes the will of the people who speak out against injustice to get things done (or not, as the case may be).

Stay informed and stay vigilant, so that future generations will be able to enjoy this magnificent land as we are privileged to do in our lifetime.



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