Multi-Day Trips

Your comfort is of our utmost concern. Because of this, we use only the latest model, retrofitted Toyota Land Cruisers on our safaris.

Safari Itineraries: Multi-Day Trips

This is our most popular safari, but we are open to discussing route changes to accommodate your group!

Day 00: Leave the U.S. (or wherever you may be)

If coming from the U.S. you'll be taking a flight the day before, as it's a bit of a long flight with at least one, but most likely two layovers.

Day 01: Arrival to Arusha

Arrive into Arusha via air, where we will pick you up at the airport. After that you'll be dropped off at your hotel in/around the city. Enjoy some down time after the long flight, and then we'll reconvene for dinner in the hotel restaurant. After dinner, meet with your driver and guide Josh. We will go over the schedule for the next few days in general, focusing primarily on the itinerary for the next day. After dinner retire to your room and get a good rest, as we'll start early the next day.

Day 02: Arusha to Tarangire National Park

Wake up around 7:00am and head to the restaurant for breakfast. We will be trying to leave the city around 8:00am on our way to Tarangire National Park and Manyara National Park (approx. two hours driving). We will spend the late morning doing a game drive in one of the two parks (they are next to each other), meeting together for lunch at our next lodge in the afternoon. After lunch, we will have some time to digest (a siesta of sorts), as the animals are less active during this hottest time of the day. At around 3:30pm we will head out again and do a late afternoon game drive in the park, returning to the lodge at dusk in time for dinner. After dinner we will do a recap of the day, and a presentation over what to expect the next day. After that you're free to go back to your room and rest, or hang out with the other guests at the lodge bar.

Day 03: Tarangire National Park to Serengeti National Park (via Ngorongoro)

After breakfast at the lodge we will make our way out of the park (with a game drive on the way), and head towards Ngorongoro Conservation Area around lunchtime. After receiving our entry permits and passing through the gates, we will stop at the top of the now extinct volcano to grab some photos from the top. We'll make our way out of the conservation area onward to Serengeti National Park, where we will need to grab additional entry passes. After receiving clearance, we will make our way to your lodge (game drive on the way), arriving just before nightfall. Dinner at the lodge, followed by the day's briefing. (Total driving time this day is about five to six hours, so we'll be sure to make as many stops as needed for restrooms and to stretch our legs on the way.)

Day 04: Serengeti National Park

Sleep in a bit, eat breakfast, then we head out for a game drive until lunchtime, which will be back at the lodge. We'll then spend a few more hours out on the plains, looking out for leopards, cheetahs, and lions that are all over the area. Dinner back at the lodge, after which we will talk about the schedule for the next few days in the Serengeti.

Day 05: Serengeti National Park

This is the day where we will try to catch up with the wildebeest herds. This time of year they are in the western part of the park, so not the easiest to get to. We'll make things easier by camping in the general area, allowing for shorter drive times. Depending on how the herds are moving, we may opt for a picnic lunch to be able to spend more time out on the plains in search of the wildebeest. Long day with plenty of driving, so we'll make sure to advance at a comfortable pace with as many breaks as needed. Dinner back at the lodge after returning around dusk.

Day 06: Serengeti National Park (West) to Ngorongoro Conservation Area

After breakfast we will make a slow departure towards the east, heading towards Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area (while looking for animals on the way, of course). Arrive at our beautiful destination, overlooking the twelve mile wide crater at around 10:00am. We will spend the entire morning driving through the crater, after which we will have a picnic lunch at a designated area within the park around 1:00pm. After lunch we will continue our game drive for a few more hours before heading back to our lodge for the evening.

Day 07: Lake Manyara National Park & Maasai Village

After breakfast at the lodge we will head towards Arusha, stopping at Lake Manyara National Park for a few hours to see the abundant bird, monkey, and hippo population there before grabbing lunch within the park. After lunch we will stop at local craftsmen's workshops to see how the locals maintain their traditional art forms (this is a good time to buy any souvenirs you may want to purchase). After that we will have the chance to stop by a local Maasai village, to see their traditional dances, handicrafts, and the way in which they live their lives. Special farewell dinner that evening to cap things off.

Day 08: Arusha to Home (Departure)

Although exact timing depends on your departure schedule, generally we will wake up, have a leisurely breakfast, and then relax at the lodge until it's time to drive you to the airport for your flight.

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