Safari Experts List 22 Things To Think About

Author Francis Tapon recently wrote an article on detailing a list of 22 things that “safari experts” say you should consider before you embark on your African safari.

Although Francis answers each bullet point in the article (via various connections who work at multinational travel firms, bloggers that have been on safaris, etc.), we felt that we could expand on the responses — especially seeing as his answers cover the entire continent of Africa (which can lead to some very non-specific content, or just plain wrong answers considering the country you’ll be visiting). Since we are experts on Tanzania, we thought our targeted input would be of use to anyone considering doing a safari in Tanzania.

We cover each tip listed in the article one-by-one, inputting our take on each:

1.) Be sure to check if your safari lodge pricing excludes alcoholic beverages.

They say: drinks are included 50% of the time — ask ahead so you don’t get hit with a huge bar bill.

Although it is the norm to include alcohol in some other countries, you’ll find that most lodging/packages in Tanzania do not include it. Expect to pay between USD$5-10/drink, which can be paid in cash (U.S. dollars, or Tanzanian shillings), or via credit card.

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