Pamoja Turns Six

Pamoja Turns Six

We’re happy to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the founding of Pamoja Safaris this March.

Since founders Scott and Josh met back in Tanzania back in the summer of 2010 (and officially started Pamoja the following year), we’ve had the pleasure of introducing Tanzania to hundreds of guests from around the world. As we’ve grown, we’ve been learning more and more about what our guests are looking for, and have been constantly improving our offerings year over year to deliver the perfect safari experience to all of our guests.

We’ve had an amazing time making people’s African photo safari bucket list dreams come true, and are looking forward to continuing to serve to the utmost of our ability for many years to come.

Here are some interesting facts regarding our six years of operation:

  • Number of nationalities we have served: 23
  • Most frequent nationality: USA
    • Followed by: Canada, France, Germany, Israel, and Singapore
  • Average number of nights/days our guests stay with us: 7/8
  • Average number of rhino sightings (over all trips): 62%
  • Percentage of client groups that also climb Kilimanjaro during their trip: 25%
    • Success rate for climbing Kilimanjaro: 92%
  • Percentage of client groups that visit Zanzibar during their stay in Tanzania: 37%
  • Guests who said they will be back, or will recommend Pamoja to their friends and family: 100%

When will you join us on a trip of a lifetime? Click here if you have any questions, or are looking for a quote for your upcoming travels.

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