Soccer Gear Donation Video

A couple months back we wrote about our upcoming visit to Faraja Orphanage to donate a few hundred items of soccer (football) gear.

The story: in October we were approached by our friends Ryan Doyle and Calvin Gee at video production company Video Vision 360 about helping to set up a charity drop at a local orphanage. They had secured donations from several large companies, so all we needed now was a place to donate to. Pamoja Safaris founder Scott Brills had been to a nearby orphanage a couple times before and knew some of the staff who worked there, so he knew exactly what to do and where to go to make it happen.

With less than a month to spare, Pamoja Safaris–with the help of fellow safari company owner Godwin Ndosi, of Touch Tanzania Tours–made it happen. We did the logistics,the two guys in Detroit did the packing and hauling. Everything was ready to go when Ryan and Calvin touched down in Arusha from Detroit, lugging bags and bags of soccer equipment alongside.

The visit was an astounding success, and at the end of the (very long) day, 300 children were wearing their new Adidas, Rush Soccer, and gear while playing with the One World Futbol balls in the field adjoining the school buildings.

Check out the video below to see the amazing time we had making these kid’s day a bit brighter.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, and Happy New Year to all! See you in 2015…



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