Time To Book Your Safari

The continued all-hours news coverage of Ebola across the world, coupled with little  sign that the pandemic is coming to a halt, has caused many a would-be traveler to Africa to shelve their plans.

Across Africa tourism numbers are down between 20-70%, and even the traditional safari countries (Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, and Kenya)–thousands of miles away from the Ebola epicenter–are feeling the pain. To sum it up, the economies of many developing economies in Africa are getting hit hard because of sheer ignorance.

What that means for you is that it is the perfect time to book your safari. This is an unprecedented time to see the animals in their natural habitat, without the customary throngs of jeeps surrounding every good find. Tourist numbers are down to levels that haven’t been seen in decades.

We just finished a photo and film shoot in Serengeti National park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area and were shocked to find hardly any other Land Cruisers out there with us. Yes, it was the traditional low-season (November), but it’s never been THIS low before.



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