Kilimanjaro Routes

You want to summit the highest peak in Africa? We can make it happen—just pick your route.

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Lemosho Route

As the more popular and newer route, the Lemosho route is a little bit slower pace, yet still challenging to summit. Although this route takes a few days longer than other options, this is also the most scenic route and allows the most amount of time to acclimate to the altitude.

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Machame Route

Known as the "Whiskey Route," this is one of the most difficult climbs, but the second most popular. On this trek, you will not have the same hut accommodations on other trails and will setting up camp each night. Like other routes, you will enter through the Marangu gate and hike through the rainforest, which allows opportunities to observe local wildlife. After reaching the summit, the quick descent down the Mweka trail is better for physically fit or experienced hikers.

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Marangu Route

Also known as the Coca-Cola route due to its popularity, the Marangu Route is the quickest way to the top, and easiest on your budget. Although, because of the quick ascent, the success rate for beginners can be much lower due to altitude sickness!

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Rongai Route

As one of the easiest routes to summit at Kilimanjaro, Rongai has the highest success rate. Near the border of Kenya and on the northern side of the mountain, the climate is much drier, which is very helpful to avoid trekking through any rain or muddy conditions. The first few days are less scenic than other routes, but you are able to experience a variety of terrains during your descent.

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Shira Route

Similar to the Lemosho Route, this is a slower ascent to summit Kilimanjaro, which allows for a higher success rate! The main difference is that the start point is on the west side of the mountain and requires a little farther transportation from hotels. One of the main benefits of this route is that you can take a 4WD vehicle part of the way up the mountain to save time! This is great for busy executives looking for a short trip.


Umbwe Route

Thrill seekers only! This is the most challenging trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. For the experienced climber, this route includes steep slopes and high altitudes. This fast-paced climb is recommended for climbers that have previously trained for these conditions.

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