Why should I choose Tanzania for my safari adventure?

We may be a bit biased when we say that Tanzania is the premier spot in the entire world to do a wildlife safari, but we have facts to back it up!


Tanzania is one of the most stable democracies in East Africa and has very little violent crime. Crime against foreigners is almost unheard of, and when it does occur it is usually just petty theft (and not usually in any of the areas where we will be on safari — mostly in and around Dar es Salaam). (For more about Tanzania’s safety aspects, please see the FAQ on safety).


Tanzania is a great place to see the “Big 5” (leopards, lions, cape buffaloes, rhinos, and elephants). Leopards are often pretty reclusive tree-dwellers, but most of our groups have the opportunity to see them on their trips. To see a rhino you have to be pretty lucky nowadays (due to past poaching, unfortunately), so be sure to bring your binoculars. As for the other three, along with giraffes, all types of antelope, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, etc., you won’t be able to keep count of how many you’ll see (at close range) while on safari.


The major game-viewing National Parks and Conservation Areas in Tanzania — Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Manyara — are all within a few hours drive of the city you fly into, Arusha (with the latter two within a couple hours drive). Compare this with getting to Maasai Mara National Reserve from Nairobi, Kenya — which takes upwards of six hours by road.


Tanzania has done a remarkable job preserving its wildlife populations through targeting poaching operations and limiting habitat destruction. Unlike many places in South Africa and even Kenya, you are not seeing animals flown in from other places and placed in a fenced-in reserve — what you are seeing is 100% wild.

Now, we’ll be the first the mention that Tanzania is not the cheapest place to do a safari — the government fees and taxes inside national parks are higher than its neighbors, which leads to slightly higher costs for our guests. That being said, we’ve seen the government put much of that money to good use, educating local communities on why poaching is a bad idea, creating jobs in and around the parks, and funding rangers to protect the animals.

Because of this dedication to conservation, there really is no better place to see nature in all its glory than Tanzania.


If you have any questions on why you should pick Tanzania over other destinations in Africa — such as Kenya, South Africa, or Botswana — please send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer as best we can!

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