Is Tanzania safe?

Tanzania is one of the most stable democracies in East Africa, and has comparably little crime compared to some of its neighbors. Crimes against foreigners are almost unheard of, and when it does occur it is usually just petty theft (and not usually in any of the areas where we will be on safari—mostly in and around the largest city in the country, Dar es Salaam).

By the numbers, Tanzania is actually much safer in this respect than the U.S. or many countries in the European Union, with very few gun-related crimes or terrorism.

Note: we have never had a single incident of assault or theft affecting any of our travelers up to the present time.

Illness & Disease

Regarding the potential for illness, although Malaria and Dengue fever may be transmitted by mosquitoes within the country, the risk is very low where we will be going on safari (for the safari portion of your trip, you are generally at an average of 4,500ft/1,300m above sea level, which dramatically helps reduce the mosquito numbers). Regardless, we still advise travelers to carry bug spray and wear longer clothing at night to avoid bites. (Note: if you are heading to Zanzibar or other low-lying areas of the country before or after your safari you should take proper precautions, as mosquito numbers are higher in those areas.)

The most common affliction, if any, would be mild bouts of traveler’s diarrhea at times. We caution all guests to only drink bottled water, wash their hands before eating, and eat only the food prepared by our lodges, but even following all these guidelines it can still hit you. Pack some alcohol gel for washing your hands, some Tums and/or Imodium (or similar) to help quell an upset stomach, and some Cipro (ciprofloxacin) just in case a particularly bad strain gets you.


Have any other questions regarding your safety while in Tanzania? Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to provide you with the answers.

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