Should I tip my safari guide? How much?

Unlike many other safari companies, we include a base gratuity for your guide(s) and hotel staff in the price you pay to us. This amount is based off of the higher-end of the current industry-standard amount that each guide should expect to receive per guest, per day.

There is no need to tip anything additional beyond this amount, unless you wish to show a bit of extra appreciation (see below).

Why do you include gratuity?

The reason why we include gratuity in the price you pay is because we want to attract the best talent possible, and suitably reward them for their service every single time they go out. Every so often, for whatever reason (perhaps the guests come from a country that has no tipping culture, or they forget to save extra cash for gratuity, etc.), there is the possibility that guides may end up earning much less than they need to support themselves and their family. We want to make sure this never happens, and that is why we include it in the base payment.

If, however, you feel your guide(s) provided above and beyond service, feel free to tip them a bit extra. Anything extra is always appreciated by them and their family — just hand it to your guide on the last day, before you depart. (For general reference, an extra $10/day/person would be generous.)


Have any other questions regarding tipping and gratuity? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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