Do you offer a “rough camping” option?

Pamoja Safaris does not offer any options to do rough camping within the national parks (unless it is part of a safari add-on, such as a stay with a local Maasai or Hadza tribe).

Although this is undoubtedly the lowest cost way to experience the Tanzanian National Park—and that it is indeed a unique way of doing so—we feel that it detracts from the overall experience.

The reasons we have chosen to not offer rough camping options include:

  • It shortens your time out on safari, as you need to be back in camp, have eaten, and in your tents not long after nightfall.
  • It makes going to the bathroom in the middle of the night a bit difficult (you can’t just get up and leave your tent in the middle of the night, as there are animals roaming around)
  • The quality of sleep isn’t near what you’ll get in the lodges and luxury tented camps (important, as we spend very long days out on safari)
  • The level of the meals is nowhere near what you receive in the lodges (you need to bring everything in, and everything out with you, as there are no stores within the parks)

We acknowledge that we lose a bit of business with this decision, but also know that there are plenty of other companies offering such excursions to those who really want it.


If you have any questions about our accommodation we do use, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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