Do you offer mixed-group safaris?

Although some safari companies offer set-date mixed-group safaris on a regular basis, we do not offer such an option.

What Pamoja Safaris offers is 100% custom-tailored to your group and your needs. This allows us to be extremely flexible in every regard, whether it is adding a day or two onto your schedule at the last minute, including an extra party member, or deciding to fly back from the Serengeti instead of drive (even after the safari has already started) — no matter what, we have you covered.

We are able to offer this option at near the same price point as joining a large group by using a distributed team and the power of the internet to keep costs down, passing along the savings to you.

If you are looking to go with other groups in order to save money, or just because you enjoy meeting and traveling with new people, just let us know and we can point you to one of our trusted partners that offers such an option.

We may offer set-date, mixed group safaris at a later time, so please stay tuned.



Have any other questions regarding fixed-date and/or mixed group safaris in Tanzania? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer and and all queries you may have.

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