How much cash should I bring on safari?

Totally up to you! Seeing as most expenses are covered, there isn’t much need of cash during your safari trip.

The only things you may need cash for are:

  • Souvenirs (although many shops take credit/debit cards nowadays)
  • Beverages at your lodge in the evening (same as above, most lodges take credit/debit card)
  • Additional guide gratuity (although we include base gratuity for all safari trips in most of our quotes, some guests like to give a bit extra if their guide goes above and beyond)

Any of the above may be paid for in US dollars (which are actually preferred to the local Tanzanian shilling), so no need to change your money at the airport, or find an ATM machine in Arusha.

Please note that if you are hiking Kilimanjaro, the trekking crew gratuity is not included, and generally amounts to between $200-300/person, depending on the number of days and how well you think your team performs.

If you are thinking of stopping by Zanzibar during your stay in Tanzania, optional activities such as day-trips, spice tours, scuba diving/snorkeling, boat rides, etc., and transportation such as taxis, may require cash payments. Shillings may be more appropriate on the island, and you can easily access them via an ATM in Stone Town, at the airport, or by converting your currency at a bank in town.


Have any other questions regarding how much cash to bring with you? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer and and all queries you may have.

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