Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve (pronounced “Seloo”) is one of the only places to be considered a World Heritage Site. The park is named after Frederick Courtney Selous – conservationist, hunter, explorer and author, whose books on Africa became best sellers in England.

Unlike the Ngorongoro National Park where the Masaai tribe co-exists, human habitation is prohibited and all entry/exits are monitored by the Tanzanian Game Control Authority. Overlooking the Rufiji River, the Selous Riverside Safari Campsite is very private and has opportunities for antelope, hippo and crocodile sitings! This area is also know for black and white colobus monkeys. During the dry season June - November, you have the opportunity to watch the migration of elephants takes place between the Selous and Mozambique’s Niassa Game Reserves. With over 64,000 elephants, this is one of the largest natural trans-boundary eco-systems in Africa.

This is one of the only locations in Africa that allows walking tours due to a low amount of big cats! A guide will safely walk you through the experience and ensure that you are safe throughout the tour.

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