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Scott Brills' Feature in Ambassador Magazine

Pamoja Safaris founder Scott Brills is profiled in the Spring 2015 edition of Ambassador Magazine, “your liaison to the good life, placing you at the forefront of trends in fashion, travel, entertainment, business and lifestyle.”

The article goes into the details of his travels around the world, philanthropic efforts, and of course, the founding of Pamoja Safaris.

Blending his love of adventure and travel, he’s founded a safari company, too, called Pamoja Safaris, in Tanzania with business partner and friend Josh Siligaki, a native Masai tribesman and seasoned safari guide who knows the terrain well. Brills was inspired to start Pamoja, which means “together” in Swahili, after visiting Tanzania in 2010 when he safari’d in Serengeti National Park, traveled to Zanzibar, and summited Mount Kilimanjaro. It wasn’t Brills’ first business – he’s been an entrepreneur since high school, working in web design and development for many years–but he admits he was tired of that, and as a result started the safari company in 2011.

See the full article via the first ever online edition of Ambassador Magazine.

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