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One of our latest guests–LA-based chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Tucker–wrote about his safari experience in the latest issue of ACANews (May 2015). Along with his daughter, the two of them enjoyed a 10-day safari through Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, arriving at the perfect time to catch the wildebeest birthing season.

In the article Dr. Tucker relates his findings regarding his interactions with the locals, whom were mostly Maasai.

…I can tell you the Maasai walk slow, long distances, placing their feet flat into the ground, activating the posterior chain. They are a nomadic tribe and have the art and science of gait down. They walk and move while looking, listening, smelling and feeling the earth around them. Common movement patterns include one-legged stands; squats are not part of the “sitting and waiting” posture. Rather, getting horizontal and just lying on the ground seems more natural here.

Thanks to both Dr. Tucker and his daughter Danielle for choosing Pamoja as their safari provider of choice–we enjoyed having you!

Read the entire article online by clicking here.

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