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Josh and Jonas are fantastic guides. Not only do they know exactly where to find every animal, they're also great at explaining animal behavior. It was like having our own David Attenborough in the car with us. We saw elephants, zebras, hippos, lions, cheetahs, and all kinds of other things. My favorite moment was when a cheetah literally jumped on our car. I never thought I'd see such a majestic creature, just three feet away from me. Pamoja Safaris took us to all kinds of different place—it was definitely one of the best vacations of my life.
Derek P. from California
Derek P.
California, USA
Going Pamoja is first-rate—you'll feel like family. A well-planned, well-executed, well-experienced adventure trip. I would only recommend to my friends a trip with Pamoja...which is in the works. I now cannot wait to personally share the experience with my wife and friends too. THANK YOU for making it happen.
Domino I. from Virginia
Domino I.
Virginia, USA
I absolutely loved my Pamoja safari. The Serengeti is beautiful. The Pamoja team was incredible! Josh went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed our time—even driving extra hours to show us the great wildebeest migration. Scott made the entire process smooth and easy-peasy. I'd recommend this trip a million times over!
Mallory B. from Michigan
Mallory B.
Michigan, USA
Going on a safari is something I’ve been wanting to do for many years. I expected this trip to be great, but it far exceeded my expectations. Seeing animals is a given (and we saw many), but what I wasn’t expecting were the incredible guides that Pamoja Safaris has working for them. They were so knowledgeable and friendly and went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great time. We were also able to experience the local culture; I have wonderful memories of meeting the Maasai tribe members. It honestly changed my perspective on life—I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience what I did. I hope to be back soon!
Rochelle N. from Michigan
Rochelle N.
Michigan, USA
Having gone on safaris in southern Africa, I've always dreamt of going on one in Tanzania. Pamoja Safaris was not only able to fulfill that dream but exceeded my expectations for what a safari should be like. Their professionalism, knowledge of the parks, and what they taught us about the Maasai people and culture made the trip one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Ryan S. from Pennsylvania, USA
Ryan S.
Pennsylvania, USA
Here in the U.S., Disney gets a reputation for being the most magical place on earth. Anyone who thinks that has not been to Tanzania with Pamoja Safaris. This trip was the most dream-like vacation I have ever experienced! The Safari guides were extremely kind, genuine, and funny; all while sharing their vast knowledge about the land, animals, and culture; and ensuring we were in the perfect viewing spot every single time. The lodging and food was excellent. My favorite place we stayed was in the Serengeti Bush Camp—luxury tents right in the midst of the wildlife. We'd wake up to beautiful sunrises with giraffes, warthogs, hyenas and wildebeests grazing within view of the naked eye. Not to mention, the serenity that comes from hearing nothing but hundreds of birds chirping away as you sip your morning coffee and enjoy the picturesque scenery.
Everyday we spent hours driving around and experiencing the true "Circle of Life". Yes, there were plenty of Lion King references on the trip, haha. I never expected to see the immense amount of wildlife we witnessed. No binoculars needed on this trip, as we quickly learned what the "zero meter" experience was (without feeling like we were in any unsafe situation). We were lucky enough to be there during mating season for many animals, as well as the great migration. Imagine thousands and thousands of zebras and wildebeests as far as you can see in just about every direction! Words cannot describe just how truly incredible this whole experience was! The 800+ photos do a better job, but there's nothing like being there and living the dream for yourself. Thank you Pamoja Safaris, you've made this a trip I will never forget!!!
Heather O. from Pennsylvania, USA
Heather O.
Massachusetts, USA
My trip with Pamoja was absolutely amazing. Every night I would think there is no way they can top this day, but they did. Josh and Jonas were the best guides ever, they were so informative not only about the wildlife but life in Tanzania in general. They made sure was saw all the animals, but also always made sure we were safe at all times. Scott and Josh made sure we had great time. I would highly recommend Pamoja Safaris and plan on traveling with them again next year.
Candace K. from North Carolina, USA
Candace K.
North Carolina, USA
Scott & Josh made it the best and most well-organized vacation ever. Having many years of travel experience I consider Pamoja to be one of the best travel companies I’ve ever used. The combination of Josh's knowledge and expertise in the region is not only first-rate but he detailed our daily plans to fit our personal needs.
Josh took my daughter and me on the best safari outings, made sure we got the best photo ops, no stress, inside-out tour of Tanzania. He is an amazing guide and truly delightful to hang out with all day and night. His comprehensive knowledge of the landscape, animals, and culture in Tanzania is full-scope. He made sure we saw every animal, identified every detail of the culture, appreciate nature, and primarily made sure we were safe! This trip is entirely appropriate for the whole family.
All in all, if I had to limit my travel plans to one resource and a single company, Pamoja would likely be the one.
Dr. Jeffrey T. from California, USA
Jeffrey T.
California, USA
My trip with Pamoja Safaris was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never imagined I would get to be up close and personal with animals I'd only dreamed of—lions, leopards, cheetahs, and more! Scott and his team were incredible guides and made the trip better than I ever imagined. If you have the opportunity to travel with Pamoja, do it! ...or you might lose your seat to me going again.
Maneesh S. from New Jersey, USA
Maneesh S.
New Jersey, USA
Our safari was the trip of a lifetime! My dad and I both fell in love with Tanzania and our experience would never have been the same without our guide, Josh. He was so knowledgeable, kind and easy-going, and we feel lucky to have gotten such a unique perspective of Tanzania, it's people, the animals and life, in general!
Danielle T. from New York
Danielle T.
New York, USA
Pamoja Safaris enabled me to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the African wildlife up close in its natural habitat. Our guide did everything possible to ensure our experience would stand out as one of the greatest of our lifetimes. Mission Accomplished!
Joe P. from Virginia
Joe P.
Virginia, USA
WOW! What an incredible experience with Pamoja Safaris! I had always wanted to go on an African safari "some day", but had no idea where to even begin planning such a trip. Pamoja Safaris took care of everything, from seamless airport transportation, to perfect accommodation, to the delicious meals, and everything in between—including some unexpected surprises that really made the trip extra special! And the guides—so incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! The "hot spots" for animal watching can get crowded, but the Pamoja guides got us the best vantage points every time, and even better, they knew some incredible lesser-traveled viewing spots in the parks. Imagine, just you and your traveling companions watching a pride of lions in the Serengeti with no one else around for miles. Absolutely magical!
Kim H. from Michigan, USA
Kim H.
Michigan, USA
The entire experience was way more than I expected. The lodging, the food, the guides—even the vehicles were great! Everything was really first class. I really appreciated the friendly and knowledgeable guides, they made the trip that much more special. Several times we found ourselves in remote areas with no other people around, seeing animals within a meter of our vehicle (or on our vehicle in one instance). It really was the trip of a lifetime!!
Julie K. from California, USA
Julie K.
California, USA
I was completely blown away by my incredible trip with Pamoja Safaris. As a world traveler, I knew I wanted to do a safari someday, so when I had the chance to go with a small group led by Scott, Josh, and Jonas, I jumped at the chance. But I didn’t realize just how amazing it would be. I knew we’d see lots of animals on a lot of bumpy roads around the African savannah, but the best part was just to experience the magic of Serengeti National Park. It’s truly one of the most special places on Earth and I’m already thinking about my next visit—with Pamoja Safaris, of course!
Louise C. from California, USA
Louise C.
California, USA
Scott put on a really incredible safari. The entire trip blew my mind—it was more than I expected. Take what you're expecting, forget all of that—it's going to be WAY better than you ever expected. The attention to details, the way they cater to your every need, the most knowledgeable guides you could imagine—these guys could answer every question we had, and were a lot of fun too. It was just a great time—I really loved it, and I'm planning to come back. My son is eight, and I plan on taking him to Tanzania before he turns twelve—we're definitely going to come back with Scott and his team.
Kevin C. from Florida, USA
Kevin C.
Florida, USA
A safari was never on my bucket list; I thought it was for old retired people—like Alaskan cruises or boating down the Danube—and that you'd be hundreds of metres away gazing at animals through binoculars. Little did I know I'd have the happiest week of my life, or just HOW CLOSE you get to the animals. I woke up to giraffes outside my tent at sunrise, was eyeballed by an elephant from two metres away, had a zero-metre experience with a cheetah on our truck, learned the sheer fun of truck surfing, saw rare wild dogs, leopards, hippos, vultures, warthogs and baby warthogs (my favourites), watched six-week-old lion cubs play, and saw a lioness scare off a male lion right in front of us (she roared at him and we all nearly wet our pants). We even saw the wildebeest migration, zebras in the vanguard, and thousands of animals grazing from horizon to horizon. All of this in a landscape free of houses, power lines, paved roads and people. Just trees and sky and animals going about their lives and letting us watch.
Massive thanks to Scott for making all this awesomeness happen; Joshua for being our tireless guide and font of information about Tanzania, and for placing us in the perfect spot to see the animals every time; and to the whole safari crew for sharing the experience, the adrenaline, all the hours in the trucks and all the terrible jokes. Now I want to go back and do it all over again!
Kate H. from Brisbane, Australia
Kate H.
Brisbane, Australia

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