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Our goal is to make the African Safari Experience accessible to the most number of people possible in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Pamoja Safaris was formed by two friends—an American that had a passion for African wildlife, and a veteran Tanzanian guide who was looking to branch off on his own. Together the two were able to establish a new type of safari company–one that would not only provide the exemplary service and experiences that one would expect on such a trip, but also one that gives back to the land and people that make it all possible.
We aim to provide you with the time of your life, along with an deeper understanding about the environment and people that call Tanzania home. Through our philanthropic programs we are able to introduce visitors to local efforts to improve the conditions of the people that call these areas home, and through our guest’s patronage we are able to assist these programs in the work that they do.
Faraja Orphanage
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Our Charities

We seek to not only provide the best experience of your life, but also to serve and educate through partnerships with local schools and orphanages.
Pamoja Safaris Guides
More About Our People

Our People

Pamoja only hires the top-rated 10% of licensed guides, ensuring that your trip leader will be friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced.
Our Vehicles
More About Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

We use only the very best vehicles. You'll be spending a lot of time in our Land Cruiser, so we want to ensure that you're comfortable and safe.
Our Approach
More About Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe in our service so much that we do a minimum of marketing and advertising, instead relying primarily on word-of-mouth from satisfied guests.

Founder Scott Brills


Founder Scott Brills is a longtime adventurer and entrepreneur, having explored over 80 countries and territories via foot, automobile, rickshaw, and train.

It was this thirst for travel and new experiences that led him to visit Tanzania in 2010. His first stop in the country was Serengeti National Park, where he experienced a week-long safari. Afterwards he visited Zanzibar and proceeded to summit Kilimanjaro.

Having experienced a small part of Tanzania, he was hooked. It was now his mission to find a way to share such amazing experiences with others.

Scott met co-founder—Josh Siligaki—during his time in the Serengeti, during which Josh was serving as an assistant safari guide. The two struck up a friendship, which eventually led to talks of potentially working together.

It was that friendship and passion to share their mutual love of Tanzania's wildlife and natural beauty that led to the creation of Pamoja Safaris.



See what our past clients have to say about Pamoja Safaris' level of service and expertise.

  • We had the trip of a lifetime! We will definitely recommend you guys to all of our friends and family that want to go on a safari in the future.
    Joseph Campbell, United States
  • Thanks so much for the trip you put together for my parents and I--we loved every minute of it. Can't wait to do it all over again sometime soon!
    Stephanie Craig, United States
  • We saw all of the Big Five, just like you said we would. Thanks guys, for making my trip AWESOME. I think I'll go for longer next time to see more rhinos.
    Patrick Leehee, Canada